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02 June 2011 @ 10:21 pm

✬02.06.2011 - - carbon & chemicals - - unofficial thrice mix 2011 || link: here
photo credit: one || two

So technically, I am done with uni \o/ Like, not in a sense of "oh, i'm done with one semester" but more of: HOLY FUCK I AM GOING TO GRADUATE!!! Did a vision lock-off on the project I'm editing and that was the last thing I had to do- Again, *technically* cause that's going onto post-sound before coming back to me to sync&export... but I digress.

ANYWAY, those who know me well know that Thrice = my favourite band in the whole. fucking. world. I was introduced to them by a friend in the beginning of 07 (TRIVIA: First song I listened to? The Artist In The Ambulance) and then my life was changed. Well, okay, not really but I was bordering on depression between the ages of 15-19. Those first two years were UGLY but after listening to this band? It made "situations" more bearable. So I have the band to thank for keeping me sane. I just. really. really. really owe Thrice SO MUCH.

Now that my semester has ended, and that ineedflesh has requested a Thrice mix to try to understand why I love this band so much (I WISH I COULD COUNT OUT THE WAYS I LOVED THEM. It's really unexplainable because the feeling I get when listening to them comes from a place deep inside my wasted soul... they're just so experimental and humble and phenomenal and are truly what the raw essence of music feels like to me #bullshitblabbering)... HERE IT IS!


some of my favs: god, I love ALL of them, but if I must-- Image of the Invisible, Red Sky, Of Dust & Nations, Child Of Dust & Stare At The Sun

Look and see the sky turn red.
Like blood it covers over me.
And soon the sea shall give up her dead.
We'll raise an empire from the bottom of the sea
- Red Sky


p.s. check out #001 LOSE LOVE / FIND LOVE & #005 RESULT: NUDITY for other thrice songs!
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