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24 May 2011 @ 03:03 am

✬24.05.2011 - - result: nudity - - unikid 2011 || link: here

Last two weeks of uni before I graduate in July. Fuck. yeah.

This is VERY DIFFERENT from the other mixes. Starts of mellow, yes (beach boys ♥), but slowly progresses into A LOT of bass-heavy tracks- DUBSTEP: WHOMP WHOMMMMP -need that kick to motivate me through these last few days of crappy ass uni assignments- and that dies off in the end because I like doing that, shuddup. Decided to switch it up to a contrast-y/basic cover this time round; let the colours and text do the talking. Kinda liking it-- but maybe that's only me. Hah.

EDIT: I forgot to list a track *headdesk* between #8- Bend Over, I'll Drive & #10- Smack My Bitch Up is #9- You Wouldn't Know Me by Vexare!!!

some of my favs: art vs. science's heavy night, thrice's the weight. the shackelton's emergency & iron & wine's such great heights.

catch you on the flipside x

Current Mood: working
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