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16 March 2011 @ 03:38 am

✬16.03.2011 - - sex pants electric - - workmix 2011 || link: here
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The staggering amount of work that I would have to do for this finaluniofsemohmahgawd has just hit me. My brain's too cluttered. IT'S A HELLHOLE Y'ALL! On top of that, there are many other factors working to conspire against me: 1) STUDENT VISA ENDING THIS AUGUST --> need to get work visa --> 2) FIND A JOB--> where? SYDNEY! at least I've got an awesome future housemate all settled so --> 3) PACK SHIT UP AND MOVE. SO YES: A MIX TO CALM MY NERVES!

It's a MEGA-MIX (clocking in at 21 songs @ 140MB!!!) but this is just 1/3 of a playlist that's a constant loop when I'm trying to focus on THAT WHICH IS NOT FUN. It's also an unofficial mix that I use as background noise when editing (which is fun stuff, I just need to not be alone)!

They're songs that make me happy. I'm unable to highlight a song for you because they each carry varying emotional values. There are songs that remind me of my family (hotel california, next to me), old friends (home, northern downpour), new friends (mrs. o, something good can work) and songs that I sing & dance to all by lonesome self (california, bright lights bigger city). I'm feeling like an emotional wreck so this is a very self-indulgent compilation. And yes, I tried to deviate from the usual blue-dominant covers and made something disgustingly fun. Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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28 February 2011 @ 04:13 am
Posting that mini batch of icons was less nerve-wracking than expected! Though of course, I totally felt like it was too random. Ah well, it made sense to me for a bit because I have a neurotic obsession with folders and as I was sorting them caps out, there was a whole bunch that didn't fall into any category so I had to use them first! HAHAHA OMG I AM SUCH AN EMBARRASSMENT TO HUMANKIND:

seriously. FOLDERS (which may or may not contain more FOLDERS within).
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The last time I made icons for the public, it was in '06 & they were nasty (the icons, not the public).
Not much has changed since then haha. So here lies a batch of SRSLY random TSN moments x

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01 January 2011 @ 02:06 pm

✬ 01.01.2011 - - ...but I don't need you - - hello 2011 || link: here
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I've recently noticed that I have a tendency to post mix covers with tinges of blue in it. hmmm. ah well, here's indie mix part 2 (of 2)! I tried to keep the feeling from the partner mix but I think it's notched up by a teeny bit. man, I really wish I had the mental capacity to describe my emotional attachment to this mix but it's the first day of the new year and I'm still a helluva tired from waiting it out for the fireworks yesterday. haha. I hope those of you with hangovers are a-ok :P

some of my favs: boy & bear's rabbit song, tally hall's good day, envelopes's I'd like to C U & hollerado's on my own

happy 2011 everyone. let's hope it'll treat us kindly.

24 December 2010 @ 05:18 am

✬ 24.12.2010 - - i want you... - - goodbye 2010 || link: here
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technically, 2010 doesn't end for another week but I'm taking a mini-holiday this weekend til the beginning of twenty-eleven: 10 days of crashing on a friend's couch & going (even more) broke! what a way to end the year, hey?

I'd like to think that there's some artistic backstory to mix take deux but tbh, I was riding on the music high from the first one and it carried onto two other mixes-- the next will be up when the new year arrives (because I don't have a life)! I tried to go for independent bands this time round (though not "obvious indie" like the rifles/of montreal/beirut/editors etc.) so hopefully there's a good mix of bands & styles. there would be more text breaking this down but it's five in the morning and I'm concentrating on a Battlestar Galactica marathon right now (2nd day in! S2E034!). make what you want with this (:

some of my favs: I was a cub scout's pink squares, the weekend people's mascara & bang bang boss kelly's lone rider.

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